Do you move furniture?

We suggest you clear the space of furniture ahead of the cleaning if you would like the areas beneath cleaned, otherwise we will be happy to clean around the furniture. We are concerned about protecting homeowner's furniture and carpet from any damage. Problems can occur if furniture is moved incorrectly or the furnitureis not all the way off the moisture.


How long does the carpet take to dry?

There are many factors that can influence drying time like: ventilation, circulation of air, fabric absorbency etc. Carpets typically take 4-6 hours to dry. It’s best to stay off the carpet and keep the area well ventilated for faster drying times.


Can you clean wool carpet?

Yes we can clean wool carpets. We take all the necessary steps to insure the right solutions and water temperature are used on delicate fibers like wool and silk.


Can you clean Berber carpet?

Yes we can clean any carpet out there, our tools will not snag or pull the woven carpet.


Should you vacuum carpets before your cleaning?

Yes you should always vacuum carpet before cleaning. We ask all of our customers to have this done before we arrive. It’s the best practice to vacuum your carpets regularly between cleaning, not only for the look of the carpet, but also for the health of your home.


Are truck mounts better than portables?

The fact is that a higher water temperature will emulsify the soils and solutions more quickly and effectively resulting in a more thorough rinse. Portables run at about 120-140°F and our truck mounts run up to 240°F. These high temperatures will decrease drying time and increase the extraction of the soils and rinse solutions. The equipment is also rated by cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) and vacuum lift: the greater the CFM and inches of lift the more moisture and dirt you’re going to remove from the carpet. Most portable units have a CFM number of 110 where the truck mounts we use have a CFM number of 490.


Are your employee’s trained?

All our technicians are involved in an ongoing certification and training program to ensure that we operate in a professional manner and follow industry standards. Along with the training we also have monthly maintenance and safety meetings to ensure the equipment is safe and operating properly.


How does MB Steam Clean clean carpets?

We use the latest and most advanced steam cleaning treatment to clean your carpets. Steam extraction is one of the most recommended carpet cleaning processes by carpet manufacturers worldwide. Our professional truck mounted unit’s operating temperature is 110°C/230°F, our equipment boils water under pressure to create one of the highest temperature cleaning processes to date.


Why should I Scotchguard my carpets and upholstery?

Scotchguard helps repel future soils and stains by covering the fibers in a liquid coating. Scotchguard is specifically designed to withstand normal household and commercial wear. It’s the extra step to maximize the longevity, and preserve the life of your carpets and upholstery.


Why should I deodorize my carpets and upholstery?

Our deodorizing treatment works to neutralize and counteract those odour causing concerns. Our deodorizing treatment helps odours such as pet dander, urine, food, perspiration and smoke to name a few. Ideal for homeowners that have pets and small children. You never know where that leaking bottle could be hiding.


Is our minimum charge an additional fee?

MB Steam Clean has no hidden fees or charges, we treat all stains and soils inclusive with the cleaning, however do offer Scotchguard and Deodorizer at no obligation to you. Our minimum charge is the least amount payable for a cleaning service booked with us.



Quick Carpet Care Tips

Vacuuming - frequent vacuuming extends the life of your carpet by preventing build-up of sharp particles that can cut the fibres of the carpet.

Stain Removal - extraction, extraction, extraction!

If you can’t extract the stain causing components in your carpets let the professionals handle it. There is such a wide variety of spills and spots that can occur in your home and office. If you attempt to clean them yourself with commonly found store-bought cleaners you can cause more problems.

The best advice is to call a professional.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned every year and high traffic areas cleaned multiple times per year.